impactRI is a company whose technologies are designed to improve decision making. impactRI’s first product is QIARK, a ‘technology first’ collaboration tool for decision making, which converts everyone’s opinions into conclusions and agreed actions.

Introducing Qiark


QIARK provides the user with executable decisions and instant useable feedback or analysis - in any situation. QIARK collates and analyses simple natural language inputs and creates a scalable, collective intelligence by a unique process of disaggregation and thinking phenotypes. The system requires no parameters, and is free from bias and behavioural compromise.

$55 trillion of technology-based decisions are made worldwide each year, of which $15 trillion are incorrect due to poor collaboration or error.

Research globally, accounts for many billions of pounds every year and is still largely completed by relatively small groups with no unbiased means of assessing any aspect of what is done, quickly.

As has been rightly said, millions of minds can work on projects - but only when they can exchange and adjudicate in the way provided for by the quantum intelligence methodologies of the QIARK system.


A technology which genuinely authenticates a process of distributed intelligence: no bias, no compromises, no algorithms


A system particularly suited for education and training; allowing educators to collaborate quickly and conclusively

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