impactRI provides business intelligence and community-based decision-making technologies; linking thousands of people together - to collectively identify unique ideas and answers to our most challenging commercial, socio-political and scientific questions.




Available globally, QIARK can be applied to any organisation seeking fresh approaches in their sector - commercial or otherwise. QIARK is primarily used to identify and prioritise new ideas and innovations, carry out more in-depth market research, and provide more effective decision making.

It's time for a technology which genuinely facilitates a process of distributed intelligence: no complex set-up, no biases, no compromises.

May tells Rouhani: Zaghari-Ratcliffe jailing raises 'serious concerns'

Slow-moving justice: tortoise recovered seven years after Perth zoo theft

UK and Irish teenagers among worst in Europe for problem drinking

'Break the shell of mistrust': Shinzo Abe willing to meet Kim Jong-un at summit

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Israel and Saudis cheer Trump's Iran moves while Europe recoils

Tesla's HR boss emailed with Elon Musk about offering promotions that could block employees from union organizing

Singapore Press Holdings and Keppel unit are considering buyout offer for $1.1 billion wireless operator M1, sources say

What the bizarre conspiracy case against American pastor Andrew Brunson says about U.S. and Turkey relations

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